Hello Sunday Morning!

The ALL or NOTHING approach?

To me, it never seems like a great idea.
No chocolate = constant cravings and potential splurge.
No sugar = dreams about lollies and candy.
No carbs = guilt-overload when I ‘accidentally’ slip up.
No meat = negative mental thoughts that isolate an entire food group for the wrong reasons.

Yep. Saying a huge NO and NEVER to something never seems to work. However, that does not mean to say that I say a big YES to everything either. Rather, I’m all about moderation. Balance. Everything, but not always…

Recent exposure to various posts on Instagram have pushed me to recognise my relationship, both past, present and future, with alcohol. At the beginning of each year, I attempt to challenge myself and “give up alcohol” for a month. I almost always succeed, and if anything, I take a few months without even a sip of an alcoholic beverage! However, once this dry period is over, and I find myself slipping into habits of late nights (+ wine of sorts), I often reflect back on the times when I limited my alcohol intake… and it’s undoubtedly #postivevibesonly !

I’m aware alcohol is one of those categories that for some people, require the ALL or NOTHING approach. But for me, I have found an incredible balance between ‘sometimes, yet not always’. Following the definition of ‘bio-individuality’ – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We are all different – different coloured eyes, different coloured hair, different skin colour, height, weight, age… It is not surprising that a substance like alcohol will impact us all differently.

I recently went out on a Saturday night to enjoy a live concert – it was amazing! Originally planning to not drink, and stick to the idea of going dry for the month, I got caught up in the atmosphere and did not see the harm in enjoying just two ciders. I consider this a social drink! Whilst the little buzz was fun at the time, the next morning my head was pounding and my thoughts were completely muddled and huddled all day long. A hangover after just two drinks? Now that’s just unfair!

The sunday-morning headache reaffirmed that drinking, for me, impacts me quite heavily. The sunday-morning headache also encouraged me to take a step back and look at my relationship with alcohol. Is it a relationship I need to nurture? Or one that I should dismiss?


This brings me to my next question, and this one is for you.

When was the last time you considered YOUR relationship with alcohol?
I am not suggesting to give it up completely. Nope. But I am merely suggesting to consider how your body responds to a couple of alcoholic beverages… how does it serve you?

In light of a sore head after just 2 drinks, I am taking ownership and reconsidering #myrelationshipwithalcohol

I will be saying goodbye to excessive drinking, goodbye to sugar-overloaded beverages and a huge WELCOMINGHEY to sparkling mineral water with loads of lime and lemon! This is definitely not a permanent HECK NO to alcohol, but rather a reassessment of whether one drink is worth the murky mindset…

Now over to you…

(written in collaboration with www.hellosundaymorning.org)

I tried Floating and Whole Body Cryotherapy. This is what happened.

For quite some time, I have been scrolling through various social feeds. I have noticed many people, often athletes or health-conscious fitspos, posting photos of themselves floating in huge white tanks. The lights within these tanks seem to colour the water a pretty blue or a pastel pink, and the individuals in these photos also appear quite relaxed. Reclined on their back, legs spread, arms spread, eyes closed…
almost as if they’re floating in space…

At first, it reminded me of something you would see in those ‘into the future’ type TV show or movies, but I will not hesitate to mention that I have been curious to learn more.

Fortunately, the beauty of social media connected me with a local business, @KoaRecovery: Sydney’s Premier Sports Recovery, Injury Management and Wellness Centre. KOA uses the latest technology from around the globe, encouraging the body to function optimally with awesome innovations like Cryotherapy and Float Therapy (they specialise in other areas like Compression Therapy and Electrical Muscle Stimulation, but I will have to save that for my next visit!)

For those who know me well, or follow me on Instagram, you may be aware that I have had a chronic wrist injury for the last 18 months. At first, it was simply a sore wrist that I strongly believed would eventually heal. At the time of injury, I was addicted to F45, training 5 times a week, as well as practicing yoga every day in preparation for my Yoga Teacher Training. I have absolutely no idea how I did it (something makes me lean towards the word “overuse”), but my determination got the better of me. It was not until a year later (after a whole 6 weeks of 200hr YTT included in this time), that I reached out to a professional for some expert advice. I still can not believe that it took me an entire year before realising this pain was legitimate. I could no longer bare any weight whatsoever on my wrist. Goodbye Yoga. Goodbye Yoga Teaching… (for now…)


After reaching out to various health professionals, trialling all sorts of treatments from massage to dry needling, I was guided towards alternative healing methods. A knowledgable friend of mine recommended Floating and Cyro. Whilst I did not expect to heal my wrist pain after one treatment, the idea of immersing my body (and wrist) in temperatures below zero, combined with a magnesium-filled float tank, was sounding like a soothing remedy for muscle soreness.

Shaun, owner of Koa Recovery, gave me an in-depth tour of the centre before throwing me in the deep end. I was given a tour of the centre in Waterloo Sydney and I was also informed of what to expect. We also discussed any potential health concerns, which may not have been applicable to me, but it’s always good to communicate prior to any kinda of treatment.

We started with the Whole Body Cryotherapy…

Cryotherapy –  (also known as cryo or WBC) is a painless, non invasive and quick treatment that will leave you feeling like you have had a massage and a few coffees in the space of 3 minutes. As the changes occur on a physiological level, you simultaneously experience a multitude of benefits across your entire body. Cryotherapy literally leaves you feeling subtle, focused, fresh, pain free and energetic.

During the treatment, skin is exposed to temperatures below zero for up to 3 minutes. This process helps improves oxygen and nutrient circulation, increases collagen production, boosts metabolism, promotes pain reduction and anti-inflammatory responses plus helps flush toxins from the skin, muscle tissue and joints – YES PLEASE.


This was an insane experience nonetheless. Standing in this full-body cylinder tube, with your head popping out the top. I wore nothing but a robe, foot socks and gloves. At first, I tried to ‘act cool’ (literally), and resist the temptation to admit it was bloody freezing! But over time, especially in the last 10 seconds, I literally could not be any colder. I have to say, this was the closest I have ever been to swimming in Antarctica! But after the three minutes was up, and I was exposed to the room temperature again, I instantly felt amazing. And kid you not, for the first time in a while, my wrist had no major pain. 

Next up was the relaxation side of things – the fulfilment of my Instagram curiosity. Floating!

Floating is a revolution for relaxation, regeneration and stress-reduction. It’s a chance to unplug from our chaotic lives and the busy external world. Reconnect in the luxurious, soundproof pods whilst floating in magnesium rich water filled with 100% naturally mined, pharmaceutical grade, therapeutic epsom salts.
A chance to lay back, unwind and reconnect…

To describe my experience simply, I floated in water filled with magnesium, within a sound proof pod, for an entire hour… Wearing bikini bottoms and ear plugs (BLISS!) My phone was off. The room was private. Just me and the pod.

Some of you may be thinking to yourself “I could never relax or switch off like that!” But I can assure you, the combination of factors, and in particular, the calming effects Magnesium has on the body, can guarantee the most “type A” personality to relax and unwind…

And the best part about floating is that you can not drown and you do not sink! The power of magnesium keeps you fully above water. So even if you do fall asleep, you do not need to worry about your head sinking to the bottom or rolling to the side. It feels like you are reclined on the worlds comfiest mattress. The water is also matched to body temperature, so you will not chill or overheat. A little glimpse of heaven for 60 minutes.

Words can not describe how magical this hour was. You need to try it for yourself to really understand the experience…

Thanks again for having me @KoaRecovery – I am already excited about my next visit. (My wrist is yearning for another session). Be sure to check these guys out everybody, you will not be disappointed!

Georgie x

A Day in the Life of 9 to 5

From Yoga Tights to Nespresso Business Attire

Who would have thought that this health & wellness chick
would have a crack at a 9-5 desk job (and love it?)

For those of you unaware, my side gig from @flavourfoodflow is actually a Bachelor of Commerce with a Marketing Major at the University of Sydney (yes, my inner nerd). I am due to graduate at the end of this year and so, with graduation just around the corner, I chose to partake in an Industry Placement subject. Essentially, IPP (for short) provides you with the relevant experience inside a real-life company! The best (or for some, worst) part of this subject is that you had to apply through a formal application process – resume and grade application, online interview and an assessment centre. For those selected to continue, the subject coordinators matched you up with a company they felt best suited you. I was extremely lucky to be paired up with Nespresso and its Marketing Department in their Head Office located in North Sydney.

10 weeks of coffee HERE… WE… GO!

BYO lunch all day every day – meal prep is key to feeling healthy and energised at work

Three Valuable Lessons.

Being the busy-body I am, I felt it was necessary to give corporate business life a crack! From this experience, I have 3 valuable lessons that will not only help direct my personal growth and future career path, but hopefully also inspire yours.

Firstly, the importance of work/life balance and adhering to your values within the work place. For me, this is a particular focus on mental health, physical health and ensuring adequate nutrition.

Secondly, the significance of working for a company who shares the same beliefs/interests to your own, and how a passion for what you do can assist with better work outcomes. At Nespresso, I thrived whenever I was working on a project that aligned closely with my strengths – such as the creative elements, briefing design agencies and the Wellness Initiatives. I can not stress enough how important it is to work for a company that you love – the product, the people, the place and the passion.

Thirdly, I learnt the power of feeling busy in a job that you enjoy, helping to ensure that days are not wasted. Reflecting back on my experience at Nespresso (Marketing department), the idea of a ‘desk job’ no longer holds negative connotations, but rather presents itself as a possible career direction that I would love to explore. Like they say do not judge a book by its cover, you equally need to try before you buy – if you have never experienced a certain job role, you can not immediately jump to the conclusion you will not enjoy it. For me, I have always thought I would never enter a business environment (the usual 9-5 gig). Now, I can recognise that I will enter a 9-5 role if it interests me, and I can rock up to work every day loving the life I live.

My fav desk snack – Plant Based Bounce Balls. This kept me from hitting that 3pm slump.

Expectation VS Reality.

I was expecting to learn a lot during the ten weeks. As most of you know, I work alongside my Commerce degree as a wellness influencer, health coach and yoga teacher. Nespresso’s corporate business environment took me out of my comfort zone and I was concerned about the difference between my current experience and a full day behind a desk. I knew it would be increasingly difficult to remain physically active, socialise and see my family – my life priorities! I felt exceptionally occupied over the last 10 weeks – fancy way of saying BUSY AF! However each day was sensational. I can assure that my time-management skills have improved beyond measure, and my ability to stay organised is my new secret weapon.

First Day.

My first day involved the usual office tour and meet and greets. My Supervisor, with her previous experience in the Advertising world, instantly inspired me! I was also aware of her frequent appearances on the Gruen Transfer – now that is pretty cool. With her guidance, I learnt quickly about who did what, seeing which areas best resonated with my interests. My absolute favourite was the Public Relations team (PR for short), digital marketing and product promotion. As you can imagine, the digital space sparked an interest in me because it is quite similar to some of the social media projects I work on myself for @flavourfoodflow.

The Employee Engagement Activity my colleague and I worked together on – JUMBO CAPSULES!

9 to Thrive.

I loved working on projects where I could see the impact of my contributions – stay tuned with the upcoming promotional antics of Nespresso – I DID THAT! Watching hard work unfold found myself waking up with immense excitement on the weekdays placement fell on. I will admit that it was all a bit nerve-wracking and foreign at first, however the more experience I had in such tasks, the more confident I became. I stayed true to my values and refused to become stressed or anxious, ensuring that my days were enriching.

This is my moto, and I encourage you all to employ this foundation within your own career paths – do you wish to work to live? Or live to work? Food for thought…

I stayed true to my values and refused to become stressed or anxious, ensuring that my days were enriching.

Classic Georgie Moment – soaking up the Oxygen Tank at the ADMA Global Conference (a big digital marketing event I was lucky enough to attend!)

My Love/Hate Relationship with Technology.

Yes, computers are great. Yes, smart phones make digital marketing possible. Yes, e-mail is super convenient and an easy way to reach people. BUT I stand by the belief that technological advancements have both positive and negative effects in the workplace. Nothing is done by a pen and paper these days, so it is not surprising that a vast amount of time at the office is spent working on a computer at your desk. I am an extremely active individual (ya think?!), previously working in jobs that require a lot of physical movement. So, as you can imagine, I found sitting at a desk for extended periods of time to be a significant challenge. At times, it made me feel restless and lethargic, but I constantly reminded myself how important it was for me to experience this style of work if Marketing is the direction I wish to go down in the future. On the other hand, it also taught me another one of those valuable lessons. How to be flexible in an entirely inflexible situation. My resolution to the issue involved multiple ‘rest’ breaks (Nespresso coffee on hand at all times). My second resolution was to take advantage of the close proximity of Nespresso HQ – and by close, I mean walking distance. A one hour walk home from work may not suit everybody, but for me, it was magical. Bringing my runners to work, changing from heels to sneakers before I left the office at 5pm…GENIUS. I went from tired to extremely awake and rejuvenated by the time I arrived home.

On the other hand, it also taught me another one of those valuable lessons. How to be flexible in an entirely inflexible situation.

I like to call this FASHUN.

Bringing my runners to work, changing from heels to sneakers before I left the office at 5pm… GENIUS. I went from tired to extremely awake and rejuvenated by the time I arrived home.

To anyone from Nespresso whom I have been lucky enough to work alongside with, I want to say THANK YOU. You were incredibly welcoming, nurturing and taught me everything I now know about business life (high expectations follow as a result!)


SO there you have it. An insight into my experience at a business job (yippee!).
Working with a recognizable brand is motivating, and I highly recommend giving it a go. On the other hand, in terms of my personal growth and ‘where to from here’, I remain convinced that a healthy and active lifestyle will stand as the foundation for my career.

Look out @flavourfoodflow – good things are coming your way 🙂



5 Benefits of Stretching Everyday

“I should stretch more” 
“I need to do more yoga”
“It’s time to book a massage…”

Sound familiar?
Then read on…

Stretching is the new hot topic in the health and wellness sphere.
But WHY?
Because it is a life-long habit that provides endless benefits. From better digestion to full-body flexibility, say goodbye to lower back pain and repetitive stress injuries.
The best part is that now there are places like Stretch Studio in Sydney’s Double Bay, where you can have a professional stretcher called a Flexologist assist you with a full body stretch! They are specially trained in the art of assisted stretching (um, cool?), and taught how to match the resistance of each client, knowing how far to stretch them and when to stop (which I highly regard).

It honestly is the best way to achieve a deeper, more controlled stretch that just feels so damn great!

Stretch Studio Launch_Georgie Allan.JPG
  1. Flexibility

Sounds obvious, but there is more to flexibility than simply lifting your leg behind your head! Flexibility can help to reduce constant muscle pain, and decrease your risk of injury. Tara Romeo, CSCS, assistant director of the Professional Athletic Performance Center in New York says “believe it or not, back pain may come from tight hamstrings”. Tight hamstring muscles can affect the status of your lower back and spine health, causing repetitive pain and discomfort.

On the other hand, flexibility can help to reduce your risk of injury. Whether it be through playing sport, a gym class, Pilates or a run on the beach, the more flexible you are, the softer and more supple your muscles are. Whereas tight muscles mean less room to move, increasing the chance of tearing when overused or overstressed.

  1. Posture

We all want to age gracefully on the inside AND the outside. So many of us spend lots of dollars on skin products, hair and nail treatments, all the effort to keep our outside looking fresh and clean! However, so often we forget the importance of posture and how much it impacts our ageing process – physically AND mentally.

Posture is more than simply sitting up tall with your shoulders rolled down your back – it is about correctly aligning your spin to allow the free flow of oxygen, proper functioning of your vital organs and muscle activation. Bad posture is the result of tight muscles, which is ultimately the result of muscle weakness.

  1. Increased Energy levels

There is a reason why people attend health and yoga retreats – the days are full of relaxation, moving meditation, stretch sessions – leaving you feeling energised and reawakened. Stretching, whether it be assisted or on your own, helps to soften the muscles, allowing for extra blood flow and oxygen to travel around the body. The oxygen and blood can move more freely around the muscles and internal pathways, getting rid of any unnecessary dust that might make you feel drowsy, tight and overworked.
Stretching first thing in the morning also helps to wake up the nervous system, gently shocking the body after being reclined and still for a solid 8-9 hours. Our body naturally slows down over night as it concentrates on the important internal tasks such as digestion, recovery and cell rejuvenation. However, this means that it needs an extra bit of “oomph” in the morning to get going, hence why a morning stretch as you first wake up feels so damn good! It is also why practicing a stretch session such as yoga on an empty stomach when you wake, is the best time also!

  1. Better Digestion

Sooooo many of our digestive issues can stem from a tight and unhappy muscular system. Tight hamstrings can lead to belly issues, a sore back can aggravate your gut and tense shoulders will cause you to hunch over, which may also disrupt digestion.

Forward folds with a gentle bend to your knees can help to relieve trapped flatulence (glamorous word for gas), that essentially causes sharp pain, hard bellies and unwanted bloating. Laying supine (on your back), hugging your knees into your chest either simultaneously or one after the other, can also help to stretch our the lower back, relax the belly and relieve the muscles that surround the digestive tract.
3 years ago, I found the practice of Yoga – originally, it was for 2 reasons: to help clear the mind, and to help stimulate my digestive system after multiple years of issues, pain and irritation. Yoga has seriously changed my life, especially when it comes to my digestive health. If I ever feel my belly becoming aggravated, bloated or gassy (sorry not sorry), I perform a few sun salutations that involve a stretch of the entire system, specifically in my front and back side body.

  1. Decreased Water Retention

Have you ever noticed your face and fingers puff up whenever you are stressed, overworked and tired? That may be your body holding onto the water within your system, rather than circulating it around.
Stretching, like it does for oxygen and blood, helps to soften the muscles and surrounding tissues, allowing for an easier movement of water around the body. Water retention in the body can make us feel uncomfortable in the skin we are in, causing you to feel puffy, heavy and sluggish – no thank you!

Assisted or individual stretching helps to alleviate any blocked pathways that inhibit a smooth flow of water around your internal system – which may also help to circulate the nutrients and vitamins that we consume, ensuring they get to the necessary places!



Stretch Studio Launch_Georgie Allan 3.JPG

Stretch Studio Launch_Georgie Allan 2.JPG


Beautiful Billabong Health Retreat

And I didn’t even need to buy a plane ticket…

Billabong Retreat…

Only an hour out of Sydney.
Amidst the nature Australia is known for – beautiful bushland, clean air, green trees and peaceful surroundings.

All these years of me taking 3-4 weeks off work to venture off overseas, when this piece of magic was available at Sydney’s doorsteps!

If you were to ask me about a month ago, I would have told you that there is no way I would find relaxation in anywhere but an Island; a tropical sunny holiday with beach, sand and sun. However, after staying at Billabong Retreat, I managed to find a point of mental clarity and stillness within the space of 3 days.

I made my way to Billabong Retreat via train, which departed from Central Station in the early afternoon. Arriving just in time for the welcome session and arvo Yoga Class. I was greeted with a smile by the friendly Taxi Driver who services the guests, transporting them from the train station at Vineyard to the retreat HQ!

Upon my arrival, I was taken to my room. I must admit, I was upgraded (life goals!), to the groovy Treehouse at Number 4. Not only did this room have 2 beds, but it also had 2 baths – one in the bathroom and one on the balcony. Ah, heaven! The room was fully equipped with tea of all sorts, a kettle, hot water bottles, a heater, EcoDownUnder towels and linen, Epsom Salts, a sound system, a fruit bowl… it was divine. I was also happy to see that Billabong is completely Eco-friendly, everything is recyclable and/or reusable, organic and nature-loving!

“2 baths… one in the bathroom and one on the balcony…

In terms of the structure of the days? The true beauty lay in the fact that there was structure, but it was not forced upon you. Yes there were distinct meal times, sunrise yoga, afternoon tea, wellness session, but there was also no one knocking at your door demanding your attendance! If you felt up to it, then it was waiting for you with open arms. If you preferred to take a fresh air stroll or an afternoon snooze, then this was also encouraged. Choice – absolutely necessarily for someone like myself.

The food. Now this is where my head, heart, mind, body AND soul were completely sold. The food was organic, fresh and entirely plant based. They also catered for all food and dietary requirements, offering a variety of options to cater for varying tastebuds. My favourite was the Polenta slice and green veggie salad.. OH, and the delicious buckwheat and banana pancakes with vegan creamy sauce. YUM!

“They also catered for all food and dietary requirements… my favourite was the delicious buckwheat and banana pancakes with vegan creamy sauce… YUM”

The yoga. Ahhh, my favourite! A combination of gentle Yinyasa to wake the body of a morning, and a relaxing Yin practice to balance the Yang. Funnily enough, I only did 2 of the yoga classes. Why? Well, being a frequent yogie myself, I quite enjoyed the time “off” away from the mat… it also meant I enjoyed a sleep in for the first time in AGES. But for anyone new to Yoga, or for those who are constantly saying “I must do more yoga” – then Billabong Retreat is calling your name.

In addition, the workshops were mind-blowing. From learning how to ferment your own veggies and create your own kombucha, to adopting new knowledge about gut health and the gut brain relationship. For anyone that knows me well, you are aware of how much I LOVE talking about the significance of a healthy belly – hence, the Health Fundamentals package totally aligned with my values and beliefs.

“The yoga… combination of gentle Vinyasa to wake the body of a morning, and a relaxing Yin practice to balance the Yang…”

I can safely say I slept the entire train trip home – waking up upon my arrival at Central station feeling energised, relaxed and eager to conquer life!
xx Georgie

Private Yoga Class with your Gal Pal

Is it your best friends Birthday coming up? 

Or are you interested in a Private Yoga Class with you and your best girl friend?


A 60 or 90 Minute Vinyasa Flow Style Practice, including:

  • Yoga Mats and Towels
  • Music
  • Healthy tasty snacks
  • Water
  • Good Vibes and Relaxation
  • Photographs (optional)


(Please Contact me in regards to Pricing$)



Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

Did you know that salt water actually has a healing effect on the body? 

“Hippocrates first used the word ‘thalassotherapy‘ to describe the healing effects of seawater, according to Pacific Naturopathic. Ancient Greeks appreciated the health and beauty benefits of this mineral-rich water and bathed and soaked in seawater-filled pools and hot tubs.” (Live strong)

Through simply popping on your swimmers and diving into the water, you can help improve your skin smoothness, any blemishes or pimples, mental health, digestive system and more!

Salt –  Also known as Sodium Chloride, did you know that it acts as an incredible clearing, and cleansing agent. Switch from your harsh chemical based products, and introduce a morning swim in the ocean to help cure your skin issues! 

Water Fitness – Whilst it may seem obvious, swimming at the beach will help you keep fit. You use an array of muscle groups such as your arms, legs, shoulders and other unique muscles that aren’t really used in other forms of physical activity.  

TIP: If you’re short on time, simply tread water at a fast pace for 1 minute! The more reps you do, the more calories you’ll burn! It’s incredible for toning too…

Whose waking up at 6am for a morning swim tomorrow? I know I am…



Morning Rituals: Day in the Life

Do you have a morning ritual?
A particular way you like to spend those early hours of the day that help to start your day right?

A Typical Morning in the life of #flavourfoodflow

I wake up to the sound of a super obnoxious alarm, pounding from my phone that’s about two metres away from my bed.

Whilst no doubt waking me up, having the phone parked far from my bed means I have to physically get up to turn it off. And once I’m up, well, there’s no reason to get back in bed.

I then quickly get changed into my workout gear, motivating coloured tights, and head out the door for my morning walk. I listen to a lot of nostalgic music, so I pretty much reflect on incredible memories for a whole hour. It’s amazing!

As mentioned in yesterday’s post on Morning Walks, I like to always have an end goal. For me, it’s a hot morning coffee from The Boathouse in Balmoral. I give myself 30 mins to enjoy the coffee, and write my daily blog post. Talk about an incredible office space…

Once I arrive back home, feeling rejuvenated and energised from the fresh air and post-exercise endorphins, I begin my routine.

Liquid Stapels:

  • Hot water and lemon
  • Big glass of water
  • Herbal tea


  • Probiotic
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B
  • Magnesium Citrate (dissolved in water)

Common Breakfast Choices:

  • Green Smoothie (with protein)
  • Oatmeal
  • Chia Seed Pudding
  • Eggs & veggies


I then enjoy my food with no distractions, as I’m super big on digestion and ensuring that each mouthful is mindfully eaten.

  • TIP: I know it sounds silly, but aim for about 30 chews per mouthful… At least! This will help you to slow down, and also reduce that post-feed bloat.

I attend to all my social media tasks on Instagram and Facebook whilst I’m finishing off my hot beverages.

  • TIP: save all your old jars. They make smoothies, teas and even water that much more enjoyable to drink!

By now, it’s about 8/8:30am and I’m ready to get changed and get moving!

So.  What’s your new morning ritual? 

Morning Walks: why? 

I really regret waking up for that morning walk… Said no one ever. 

We are constantly being told about the benefits of morning exercise. 

Boosts your metabolism… Wakes you up… Starts your day right… We are fully aware.

But how many of us are constantly reminding ourselves of the benefits of morning exercise, then staying up late at night and pressing the SNOOZE button the following morning before it ends up being too late. You’ve “ran out of time… places to go, people to see.”

University, work, appointments, coffee dates…
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a morning person, and so I certainly find it a lot easier than most. But it’s never easy. No one who wakes up at 5/5:30am is genetically blessed with early-rising genes that make it effortless to jump out of bed. No way! They almost selfishly understand that it’s their chance to spend 30-60 mins of doing something that will provide endless benefits, and make the entire day a whole lot better!

Now that’s my rant on morning exercise… But if you’re still stuck for motivation, here are some simple tips:

  • Go to bed early – one thing you don’t want to start doing is losing your sleep. Sleep is precious, and we must look after our body after a busy day. So plan ahead, put your phone on silent, finish your homework an hour earlier, record that late night TV show for the weekend..
  • Invite a friend. I know it sounds simple and everyone says it, but if you know you’re meeting someone at an odd hour of the morning, the chances of you standing them up are slim (I hope). Make sure you text and call each other when your alarms go off, and scream motivating chants down the phone…
  • Find a purpose or end goal. For me, I promise myself a coffee. Whether it be at the half way mark of a morning walk, allowing me to hold something warm for the second half, or maybe it’s a healthy breakfast with a friend after a workout. Don’t let anyone take that away from you either – I always say to my friends when they come on a walk with me “but I have to get a coffee after. It’s my promise to myself!”
  • Invest in some awesome workout gear! This is something I swear by… So many people think that gym gear is ridiculously expensive, and sure, maybe it is. But I can promise you it has the potential to be the clothes most worn. I’ve spent $100’s of dollars on dresses that I have worn once. I also love wearing colours that reflect my mood – bright tights seriously get me moving of a morning. I even own a pair with a sun rising…

So it’s time to get up and get moving!

Stay tuned for the next 30 Day Challenge!



Feel free to have a browse at the recipes coming soon!

If you are urgently after any of the recipes you see, please send me an email at georgieallan94@gmail.com and I will send it to you.

Otherwise, stay tuned.

(FlavourFood is being created in the Flavour Lab as we speak…)