Welcome to FlavourFoodFlow

I’m Georgie, a Sydney-based Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. I am a Graduate from the University of Sydney, completing my degree with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Major in Marketing. On one hand, I have a passion for nutrition, mindfulness and health. I love to share my knowledge with others, and utilise it within my own life. On the other hand, I have a creative eye and business flare. These two contrasts present themselves as the perfect combination to start my own Health and Wellness business.

In addition, I am the Content and Communications Coordinator for About Life Pty Ltd – Australia’s Natural Wholefoods Market! Check out @aboutlifenm or find us on Facebook. Lots of exciting events and wellness activities!

#flavourfoodflow was first born in 2011, originally as a simple Instagram account to promote my mild obsession with food creations. Essentially, I would capture all things FLAVOURSOME and post them onto my Instagram feed with a bunch of random hashtags.  Since then, almost 7 years later, it has blossomed and bloomed into a beautiful portrayal of my love for the body (and the food we put in it!). It also demonstrates my passion and commitment to sharing health and well-being with others from all over the world.

As a Holistic Health Coach and Lifestyle Advisor, I would love the opportunity to learn a bit more about you. As a holistic health coach and yoga teacher, I can help you to learn more about how your body works. I can help guide you to forming a better relationship with food, your body, you mindset and your feelings. To do this, I will dive deep into recognising your thought patterns, stress instigators, habits, hobbies and food choices.

We all deserve to live as happy and free individuals.
We all deserve to believe that WE are enough.

YOU deserve to show up every day as the best version of you.

I am very excited to share my experience and knowledge with you at a personal level – please, reach out to me!

Georgie xx