Hello Sunday Morning!

The ALL or NOTHING approach?

To me, it never seems like a great idea.
No chocolate = constant cravings and potential splurge.
No sugar = dreams about lollies and candy.
No carbs = guilt-overload when I ‘accidentally’ slip up.
No meat = negative mental thoughts that isolate an entire food group for the wrong reasons.

Yep. Saying a huge NO and NEVER to something never seems to work. However, that does not mean to say that I say a big YES to everything either. Rather, I’m all about moderation. Balance. Everything, but not always…

Recent exposure to various posts on Instagram have pushed me to recognise my relationship, both past, present and future, with alcohol. At the beginning of each year, I attempt to challenge myself and “give up alcohol” for a month. I almost always succeed, and if anything, I take a few months without even a sip of an alcoholic beverage! However, once this dry period is over, and I find myself slipping into habits of late nights (+ wine of sorts), I often reflect back on the times when I limited my alcohol intake… and it’s undoubtedly #postivevibesonly !

I’m aware alcohol is one of those categories that for some people, require the ALL or NOTHING approach. But for me, I have found an incredible balance between ‘sometimes, yet not always’. Following the definition of ‘bio-individuality’ – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We are all different – different coloured eyes, different coloured hair, different skin colour, height, weight, age… It is not surprising that a substance like alcohol will impact us all differently.

I recently went out on a Saturday night to enjoy a live concert – it was amazing! Originally planning to not drink, and stick to the idea of going dry for the month, I got caught up in the atmosphere and did not see the harm in enjoying just two ciders. I consider this a social drink! Whilst the little buzz was fun at the time, the next morning my head was pounding and my thoughts were completely muddled and huddled all day long. A hangover after just two drinks? Now that’s just unfair!

The sunday-morning headache reaffirmed that drinking, for me, impacts me quite heavily. The sunday-morning headache also encouraged me to take a step back and look at my relationship with alcohol. Is it a relationship I need to nurture? Or one that I should dismiss?


This brings me to my next question, and this one is for you.

When was the last time you considered YOUR relationship with alcohol?
I am not suggesting to give it up completely. Nope. But I am merely suggesting to consider how your body responds to a couple of alcoholic beverages… how does it serve you?

In light of a sore head after just 2 drinks, I am taking ownership and reconsidering #myrelationshipwithalcohol

I will be saying goodbye to excessive drinking, goodbye to sugar-overloaded beverages and a huge WELCOMINGHEY to sparkling mineral water with loads of lime and lemon! This is definitely not a permanent HECK NO to alcohol, but rather a reassessment of whether one drink is worth the murky mindset…

Now over to you…

(written in collaboration with www.hellosundaymorning.org)