I tried Floating and Whole Body Cryotherapy. This is what happened.

For quite some time, I have been scrolling through various social feeds. I have noticed many people, often athletes or health-conscious fitspos, posting photos of themselves floating in huge white tanks. The lights within these tanks seem to colour the water a pretty blue or a pastel pink, and the individuals in these photos also appear quite relaxed. Reclined on their back, legs spread, arms spread, eyes closed…
almost as if they’re floating in space…

At first, it reminded me of something you would see in those ‘into the future’ type TV show or movies, but I will not hesitate to mention that I have been curious to learn more.

Fortunately, the beauty of social media connected me with a local business, @KoaRecovery: Sydney’s Premier Sports Recovery, Injury Management and Wellness Centre. KOA uses the latest technology from around the globe, encouraging the body to function optimally with awesome innovations like Cryotherapy and Float Therapy (they specialise in other areas like Compression Therapy and Electrical Muscle Stimulation, but I will have to save that for my next visit!)

For those who know me well, or follow me on Instagram, you may be aware that I have had a chronic wrist injury for the last 18 months. At first, it was simply a sore wrist that I strongly believed would eventually heal. At the time of injury, I was addicted to F45, training 5 times a week, as well as practicing yoga every day in preparation for my Yoga Teacher Training. I have absolutely no idea how I did it (something makes me lean towards the word “overuse”), but my determination got the better of me. It was not until a year later (after a whole 6 weeks of 200hr YTT included in this time), that I reached out to a professional for some expert advice. I still can not believe that it took me an entire year before realising this pain was legitimate. I could no longer bare any weight whatsoever on my wrist. Goodbye Yoga. Goodbye Yoga Teaching… (for now…)


After reaching out to various health professionals, trialling all sorts of treatments from massage to dry needling, I was guided towards alternative healing methods. A knowledgable friend of mine recommended Floating and Cyro. Whilst I did not expect to heal my wrist pain after one treatment, the idea of immersing my body (and wrist) in temperatures below zero, combined with a magnesium-filled float tank, was sounding like a soothing remedy for muscle soreness.

Shaun, owner of Koa Recovery, gave me an in-depth tour of the centre before throwing me in the deep end. I was given a tour of the centre in Waterloo Sydney and I was also informed of what to expect. We also discussed any potential health concerns, which may not have been applicable to me, but it’s always good to communicate prior to any kinda of treatment.

We started with the Whole Body Cryotherapy…

Cryotherapy –  (also known as cryo or WBC) is a painless, non invasive and quick treatment that will leave you feeling like you have had a massage and a few coffees in the space of 3 minutes. As the changes occur on a physiological level, you simultaneously experience a multitude of benefits across your entire body. Cryotherapy literally leaves you feeling subtle, focused, fresh, pain free and energetic.

During the treatment, skin is exposed to temperatures below zero for up to 3 minutes. This process helps improves oxygen and nutrient circulation, increases collagen production, boosts metabolism, promotes pain reduction and anti-inflammatory responses plus helps flush toxins from the skin, muscle tissue and joints – YES PLEASE.


This was an insane experience nonetheless. Standing in this full-body cylinder tube, with your head popping out the top. I wore nothing but a robe, foot socks and gloves. At first, I tried to ‘act cool’ (literally), and resist the temptation to admit it was bloody freezing! But over time, especially in the last 10 seconds, I literally could not be any colder. I have to say, this was the closest I have ever been to swimming in Antarctica! But after the three minutes was up, and I was exposed to the room temperature again, I instantly felt amazing. And kid you not, for the first time in a while, my wrist had no major pain. 

Next up was the relaxation side of things – the fulfilment of my Instagram curiosity. Floating!

Floating is a revolution for relaxation, regeneration and stress-reduction. It’s a chance to unplug from our chaotic lives and the busy external world. Reconnect in the luxurious, soundproof pods whilst floating in magnesium rich water filled with 100% naturally mined, pharmaceutical grade, therapeutic epsom salts.
A chance to lay back, unwind and reconnect…

To describe my experience simply, I floated in water filled with magnesium, within a sound proof pod, for an entire hour… Wearing bikini bottoms and ear plugs (BLISS!) My phone was off. The room was private. Just me and the pod.

Some of you may be thinking to yourself “I could never relax or switch off like that!” But I can assure you, the combination of factors, and in particular, the calming effects Magnesium has on the body, can guarantee the most “type A” personality to relax and unwind…

And the best part about floating is that you can not drown and you do not sink! The power of magnesium keeps you fully above water. So even if you do fall asleep, you do not need to worry about your head sinking to the bottom or rolling to the side. It feels like you are reclined on the worlds comfiest mattress. The water is also matched to body temperature, so you will not chill or overheat. A little glimpse of heaven for 60 minutes.

Words can not describe how magical this hour was. You need to try it for yourself to really understand the experience…

Thanks again for having me @KoaRecovery – I am already excited about my next visit. (My wrist is yearning for another session). Be sure to check these guys out everybody, you will not be disappointed!

Georgie x

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