Morning Walks: why? 

I really regret waking up for that morning walk… Said no one ever. 

We are constantly being told about the benefits of morning exercise. 

Boosts your metabolism… Wakes you up… Starts your day right… We are fully aware.

But how many of us are constantly reminding ourselves of the benefits of morning exercise, then staying up late at night and pressing the SNOOZE button the following morning before it ends up being too late. You’ve “ran out of time… places to go, people to see.”

University, work, appointments, coffee dates…
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a morning person, and so I certainly find it a lot easier than most. But it’s never easy. No one who wakes up at 5/5:30am is genetically blessed with early-rising genes that make it effortless to jump out of bed. No way! They almost selfishly understand that it’s their chance to spend 30-60 mins of doing something that will provide endless benefits, and make the entire day a whole lot better!

Now that’s my rant on morning exercise… But if you’re still stuck for motivation, here are some simple tips:

  • Go to bed early – one thing you don’t want to start doing is losing your sleep. Sleep is precious, and we must look after our body after a busy day. So plan ahead, put your phone on silent, finish your homework an hour earlier, record that late night TV show for the weekend..
  • Invite a friend. I know it sounds simple and everyone says it, but if you know you’re meeting someone at an odd hour of the morning, the chances of you standing them up are slim (I hope). Make sure you text and call each other when your alarms go off, and scream motivating chants down the phone…
  • Find a purpose or end goal. For me, I promise myself a coffee. Whether it be at the half way mark of a morning walk, allowing me to hold something warm for the second half, or maybe it’s a healthy breakfast with a friend after a workout. Don’t let anyone take that away from you either – I always say to my friends when they come on a walk with me “but I have to get a coffee after. It’s my promise to myself!”
  • Invest in some awesome workout gear! This is something I swear by… So many people think that gym gear is ridiculously expensive, and sure, maybe it is. But I can promise you it has the potential to be the clothes most worn. I’ve spent $100’s of dollars on dresses that I have worn once. I also love wearing colours that reflect my mood – bright tights seriously get me moving of a morning. I even own a pair with a sun rising…

So it’s time to get up and get moving!

Stay tuned for the next 30 Day Challenge!


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