Tahini Time

This makes a great mid-morning snack. By combining the fruit (high GI- fast burning) with the Tahini (low GI- slow burning), you’ll feel fuller for longer! Say goodbye to fruit induced sugar spikes with this handy tip. 

Add some crunch and a bit of sweet with bee pollen… It’s an incredible tasting topping and has enormous benefits. 



  • 1 pink lady Apple
  • 1 tbsp u hulled Tahini (I love Mayvers)
  • 1/2 tsp Bee Pollen


  1. Slice the apple up
  2. Spread the Tahini
  3. Sprinkle the bee pollen!

TIP: change things up and use a pear instead! You can even pre-slice and pre-spread, so this fantastic snack can be taken anywhere.

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